Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the dreary and the idolatrous

it rained lots while i was in singapore, i think unseasonally so. made for sometimes cooling, and sometimes extra humid weather.

it's been raining in brisbane too, apparently. today was a wet and drizzly day... dark, and cold.

spent most of yesterday sleeping and lazily unpacking (read: most of the stuff has been moved out of the suitcase and onto the surrounding floor) and deleting lots of emails. the spam is getting out of control... maybe it's time to adopt a new email address. what a pain.

got a few hours off the phone this morning to sort through my work email... lots of deleting there too, but also lots that i should read/catch up on, and not enough time. and i got moved, which is another pain. but i should get used to it...

thankfully it was a relatively easy, if not somewhat boring and really-wish-i-was-home-in-bed first day back. lots of changes going on... but i guess those of us at the bottom of the food chain just keep plugging along until the carpet beneath our feet gets changed. the only interesting bit of "news" was a non-official entry in a weekly bulletin - the daughter of one of my colleagues has made it through the first round of the next series of australian idol. apparently she has a good voice... there's a short video clip of her being interviewed (and singing), but it's not enough for me to conclude whether it'll carry her through. not that i watch the show... but this might be an excuse to tune in next time :p

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