Thursday, May 10, 2007

the "help us grow The Briefing readership and get your next annual subscription completely free" campaign

i'm a subscriber to the briefing, an excellent monthly christian magazine from the folks at matthias media. it's an irritating publication - and here's why (in their own words):
We know that sometimes we irritate our readers. In fact, we plan to.

Wisdom is a pearl born of irritation. We grow and develop not by having comfortable, familiar words wash over us like a warm bath. Growth comes through challenge -- through hearing something new, or grappling with something foreign, or discovering that an old comfortable truth has some uncomfortable sharp edges.

And so if The Briefing never makes your pulse quicken, your brow furrow, your brainwaves agitate or your blood boil, then we'll have failed.

If the only people who ever read The Briefing are people who agree with every sentence, then we might as well pack up and go home.

We want to provoke more thought and more passion. We not only want to encourage minds and hearts, we want to change them, so that together we all come to think more biblically about life and ministry.

So if The Briefing sometimes irritates you, do something for your friends: share the irritation around.
they're seeking to double their readership by year's end. as an existing subscriber, i have been given some subscription cards. if you want to sign up as a subscriber we can both gain by using these cards:
  • you get $10 off your subscription
  • i get 4 issues added to my subscription for free
i need 3 friends to sign up for new subscriptions (not renewals of current or recently lapsed subscriptions) to get my year's worth of free editions :) so drop me a line and i'll hook you up! even if you're not sold on handing over your money, you can still browse the site for some free articles (webextras) and the regularly updated CHN (couldn't help noticing) blog/column. highly recommended food for your mind from the guys who provide resources for growing christians.


  1. Quop, i think that's the magazine that Pastor Steve showed me a couple of weeks ago. If u & him subscribe to it, then it must be good!

    Anyway, I think u just got yourself 1 friend to sign up - count me in, brand new subscriber. Chat with u either tonite at Clay or Sunday, eh. Bring the subscription card.

    Haha, so it looks like a "win-win" situation for us both (pardon the pun). LOL.

  2. Excellent decision DT. Shte1 and I have been subscribers to 'The Briefing' for yonks - I have the back dated editions on CD-Rom, an excellent resource.

    You've just injected new growth in your spiritual walk :)