Thursday, June 05, 2008

beijing olympic garden pictures

saw some pretty cool pictures from beijing's olympic garden via a forwarded email i got at work. rather than repost them i thought i'd try to search for the source online. found this site as a likely candidate:
Beijing Olympic Garden - My Secret Garden 我的秘密花园

interestingly i also found a set of 3 albums on, the photos in which look exactly the same as the site above (though there weren't as many photos). wonder whether they were from the same person or if one (or both??) people ripped the pics from someone else...

anyways, worth a look for the wow effect :) here are a few of my favs to whet your appetite:


  1. Who took the photos and where exactly were they taken?.. I live in Beijing and neither me nor my friends have ever seen or heard about this garden... the photos have been floating around unsourced and without further details. Did you take them? I'd love to visit the garden, except no one knows where it is! The characters flowered into one of the pieces says Inside Shanghai??

  2. Also, the photos are dated 06-09-23.

  3. dear anonymous:

    i would have thought that it's pretty obvious from my post that i did not take these photos. as for the shanghai wording, maybe i misread "beijing olympic garden" and presumed that it was an olympic garden in beijing...? i wouldn't trust my chinese language skills though.

    since you live in beijing maybe you could check the skyline in some of the photos and see if it matches any recognisable buildings in that city. then again, perhaps you're onto something and this whole thing is apocryphal! still, nice images :)

  4. How about doing a search using your imagination. You will find anything and everything. Start with Century Park Shanghai. Acres of floral models and designs. If you still can't get it I'll post a link.

  5. Here is a link to the garden history, purpose and also maps to such garden.

  6. my imagination must be pretty dull. neither searching for "century park shanghai" nor reading the link for olympic forest park beijing leads me to conclude decisively that the picutres are related to those places.

    however, from what i read of, the images in question may come from many different parks/gardens in china?? ie "beijing olympic gardens", which means multiple gardens relating to the beijing olympics, not necessarily a specific place called beijing olympic garden/s??

    makes more sense perhaps, especially given that some of the pictures are of stuff that is at least 5 years old (eg the "dancing beijing" emblem was unveiled in august 2003.

    despite whatever misinformation / inaccuracies that remain or continue to be propagated, they're awesome pics.

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