Monday, November 08, 2010

From Walkman To Facebook: How Tuning Out Led To Tuning In

an insightful observation on how the walkman and its successors have affected the way we interact with each other. some excerpts:

The Walkman and its offspring, such as the iPod, completely changed the way we experience music [and] the way we interact (or don't interact) with each other... transform[ing] millions of us into isolated walking zombies... Three decades later, we find ourselves seeking social connections through the very devices that isolated us in the first place.


now my music player comes loaded with the tools I need to claw my way back to a state of social interaction that is a virtual replication of life before I took my first walk with a Walkman.


Still I wonder if we wouldn't be better off occasionally removing the headphones, turning off the smart phones and returning to an age when we gathered around some over-sized speakers and social networking actually meant being together.

Don’t you sort of like the sound of that?
i do. read the whole article here.

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