Sunday, June 26, 2011

he who has ears, let him see

no i haven't gotten my basic human anatomy mixed up, i did really meant to link ears to seeing. for it is with ears that some blind people have learnt to "see" the world around them. echolocation is where it's at.

it was via a post on gizmodo that i came to know about daniel kish, as written about in this article: The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See | Men’s Journal

it was through the comments on that post that i learnt about another echolocater by the name of ben underwood. watching this documentary on him was just fascinating - it's amazing how the human body is able to adapt in this way - that the loss of one sense (sight) can be replaced, though not perfectly but to such a functional extent, by another (sound). the first part (of 5) of the doco is embedded below.

links for the whole series:
[Part 1] (10:51)
[Part 2] (10:37)
[Part 3] (10:20)
[Part 4] (10:34)
[Part 5] (05:12)

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