Friday, July 22, 2011

Google - warning PC owners of malware

it's not quite the same as remotely removing malware from your android phones, but if Google detects some malware on your PC, they'll now warn you about it as well.

thanks, Google - i hope i never (need to) benefit from you watching over me!

Official Google Blog: Using data to protect people from malware

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  1. I am not surprised Google is doing this & for FREE . It would have been left for the GOV. (US ) to intercede & make the ISP's protect the consumer for Millions of losses that came from malware that was sent through their network to fix . Then the cost would have been doubled and taxed and passed on to consumer . Thanks Google one again you Do the Right thing and so much more ! W.W.G.D. !
    That should be what those asses in DC should be asking themselves . But if they were top quality like Google then we would not be in this mess . Thanks Google you ROCK & do it with fantastic Results both with consumer & the bottom line !