Monday, October 03, 2011

NAS and download automation

i'm relatively new to the world of NAS ownership, so was somewhat amazed when i discovered how it's possible to set one up to act as a PVR of sorts, and to automate download of shows. there may be others, but this is one way i found from a bit of research:
of course i'm not suggesting or condoning piracy of movies and music etc, but i could definitely see a use for this sort of thing when it comes to keeping up with TV shows, particularly those from the other side of the pacific ocean. beats checking for torrents manually and/or scouring youtube.

anyway i started trying this out before realising that i'd probably need to pay for an account to access binary news groups, without which these tools won't be doing much downloading at all!

oh well, looks like it's back to an ad-hoc combination of regular PVR / torrents / youtube / local tv station websites for me...

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