Monday, January 09, 2012

first wedding for the year

i have a few weddings to attend over the next few months, but another one came up last weekend on fairly short notice. i didn't even know this person was getting married, but since they took the trouble of inviting me and i wasn't already busy, i went along to the ceremony.

she's a friend of a friend from my uni days, so at best an acquaintance with whom i've had minimal contact over the years. having said that, we have had some deep-ish facebook/email conversations about church/faith related topics, and wifey and i had her over for dinner once.

anyways, i went along expecting to only really know the bride, however found that i knew/recognised a fair few other people:

  • the celebrant (not that i really know him, and not that it's a total surprise given he's a pastor of the church where the ceremony was held)
  • my elder sister's high school classmate/s
  • my younger sister's uni coursemate and husband
  • people from CCCB Coopers Plains
  • people from a previous church i attended
  • someone i know from my YF days
  • someone i know from my uni course
  • the photographer (a mutual friend who covered our wedding some 4 years ago)
i even found the groom familiar, though i have no idea where i might have seen him before.

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