Tuesday, October 08, 2002

more road stories of a different nature...

got my picture taken last night, while turning left at a T-intersection... during the approach to the intersection, i saw the turn arrow go from green to red, then the straight light turn from red to green, but the turn arrow must have stayed red (the one for going straight was definitely green, unless i've gone blind) cos i saw two bright flashes halfway through the turn... maybe i saw it and it just didn't register in my head cos i couldn't (and still can't) understand why one would not be able to turn left when one can go straight. the only thing i can think of is when there is a pedestrian crossing... and i'm sure there weren't *any* pedestrians around to have activated the signals... nor do i recall seeing any pedestrian signals...

i'm a bit disappointed about the whole thing as it wasn't like i was trying to beat the light and got caught. anyway, i guess i can't avoid being at fault, though i'd sure like to do the instant replay thing to have another look at the scene :|

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