Tuesday, November 05, 2002

i think i hit a butterfly the other day, while driving... saw it fly across in front of me and then it went up. looking in the rearview mirror i saw the black coloured shape flutter to the ground behind me...

bowled (ten pin bowling) almost four games last night... now my arm is sore. i got progressively worse with each game, never bettering my initial score of 139. i was pretty happy, being a very occasional bowler who only aims to break a century with each outing! maybe i should aim a bit higher next time :)

found a new online photo album hosting site today, so did a little experimenting with it. generally speaking, i like it. comparable to what i'm currently using (imagestation), but much better in the sense that
  1. it allows albums to be shared PUBLICLY, and doesn't require visitors to sign up/log in just to view albums
  2. the uploading tool works SO much better than imagestation's one, which is at best fickle
the only reason i've stuck with imagestations is that i had not found any other site with comparable features, allowed public viewing, AND offered unlimited storage. i'm yet to confirm whether this site has that, but so far i haven't seen any limits stated... so to test it out i have uploaded some photos from the wedding i attended on the weekend... congrats to ted & emi.

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