Friday, November 01, 2002

no slow, lazy afternoon for me this friday! been on the go since i got into work 8+ hours ago... ah well, i guess you gotta take the busy with the not so busy...

watched road to perdition wednesday night. it was pretty good, but i think i was expecting more. maybe because of the whole "tom hanks" factor and implicit hype, though hype isn't really the right term. anyway, definitely passable movie viewing material, and has a few rather funny moments too. it's probably worth a re-watch to pick up on more of the father-son relationship themes, which is probably where the heart of the story lies. but that can happen via video/free-to-air tv - i managed to watch this for free too, so aren't about to pay to watch it a second time!

apparently my blog has had a few more visitors in recent days, how exciting :) speaking of blogs, i've discovered a fellow rambler and longer-time blogger at this peachy site: check the journals link for her blog.

the free japanese film festival is on this weekend in town... details can be seen here. i actually found out the details for it last week (at japanime 02), but wasn't intending to go. of the films on offer, i've seen postman blues (i think two years ago at biff), not sure how keen i'm on wrt lily of the valley, and would have gone to see princess mononoke, but found out that someone i know has it (along with many a other miyazaki films!) on dvd, so that sounds a much tempting alternative.

hmm... time to think about going home, perhaps...

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