Tuesday, February 01, 2005

approaching the jordan

40 nights ago, i started wearing a piece of wire around my wrist. over these past few weeks there have been those who enquired about my new and unusual bit of "fashion". to most i gave a vague or diversionary reply... those who probed further may have been told that it does have some significance/meaning, and is symbolic of something.

40 nights ago, i made a vow. actually it was three vows - one primary, two secondary. the secondaries didn't last... (though they have since been addressed by something even better). the primary stood, and stands still.

40 nights ago, i decided (or should that read "the HS convicted me" :p) that something(s) needed to change... needed to stop. doing so would be good for me, good for (my relationship with) God, and good for a third person. whether any further good is to follow, i know not. but i know these past 40 days/nights have been intrinsically worthwhile.

40 nights ago, i sighted a river to cross.

this night i have reached its banks. only with God's help can i cross to the other side... IF indeed the land there is my canaan.

the river is wide, and the water still flowing.

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