Friday, February 11, 2005

what is it with these tv programming people?

after going for a stretch earlier this year where i didn't watch tv for days on end, ratings season is back. and with it, some of my old favourites... along with a few new contenders!

so i went out last night to catch up with a friend who i haven't caught up with for months and months, and there's 4 hours of tv on at night that i want to see, 3 of which run one after the other, and the fourth is smack bang in the middle on a different channel. fortunately the middle hour show is repeated a few days later, so figure i can tape it then, and do a bit of juggling of stations and start/end times with the vcr programming (since the shows never seem to start or end on time!) with the other 3 hours. too easy.

imagine my extreme displeasure when i discover today that one of the shows (er - which i've been following for years) had an unadvertised double episode! which of course means my vcr wasn't set to record the second hour... grrr...

- - - - -

anyways, while watching the latest episode of the amazing race, i kinda felt for the sisters who toiled some 8 hours on the final task without luck, a hurdle which led to their elimination from the race. they seemed like nice people (which is more than i can say for many of the other contestants). i guess that sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to. i can identify with the waiting... and frustration... as others come by and seem to get their bit done with a minimum of fuss or bother, while you toil without success and watch on in dismay.

yesterday i was waiting. today, half the wait is over. i feel a lot of relief and pump-your-fist-in-the-air YEAH!!!ness. but let's not get too carried away just yet :)

still... it's not too early to say 'thank you God', for he is good. all the time :D

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