Wednesday, March 22, 2006

sporting sob stories

in light of the current commonwealth games, my workplace has put on a little competition of its own between the various teams in our area. each team had to adopt a commonwealth nation, and send two representatives to compete in each of 5 modified sports.

after 2 other team members claimed bronze in the first day of competition, i was up next in "netball" and "archery" over the last two days. netball was really a toy basketball hoop thing, and archery a toy/velcro darts set.

i sucked. big time.

out of 3 practice shots and 4 actual shots in the basketball, i probably airballed half and barely managed to hit the rim or backboard with the rest. so the balls were terribly light and the ring rather small... and most people struggled so i didn't feel *too* bad at scoring zero for my efforts.

today in the darts, i had about 4 practice throws and 3 actual scoring shots... i don't know how the others did it (i think everyone outscored me by a significant amount) but most of my thrown darts went tumbling through the air, failing to hit the board head first and just bouncing off! my only scoring shot was hanging off on one or two velcro hooks, dangling very precariously and threatening to fall off... but it didn't, so at least i didn't walk away with nothing.

so thanks to my very paltry efforts, our team is running a very distant last 3/5 of the way into the comp. i'm not usually a very competitive person but doing this badly (even in a competition i don't care much for) has me shaking my head... oh well, guess i should stick to doing what i'm paid to do...

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