Saturday, March 04, 2006

video goodness

some nice videos on the net that i've come across recently...
  • Animusic Sample - Real-time rendered version of Pipe Dream created for the ATI video card line.
  • The Creation - sand animation sequence performed at the closing ceremony of Seoul SICAF 2003.
  • viscount6 - performances from a concert given by this group of four asian (and presumably) christians singers, accompanied by a guitar.
watching the last lot of videos remind me of the simple pleasure and enjoyment of singing with friends. one memory of such an occasion is during my trip to KL last december, where one evening i found myself sitting in room full of (mostly) strangers, and not really minding the fact that there were only two people there i had known/met longer than a few days, since everyone was chilling out and having a good old singalong. having pretty much made their way through the christmas carols by the time i got there, next up were oldies from the 60s. now i thought that i had a passable awareness of english 60s tunes for an asian, but there was one girl there who was younger than me but knew so many more songs than i! below is a video of her and my host, singing "all i have to do is dream", accompanied by a backing chorus and two guitars - it was a very cool feeling to be in the midst of such atmosphere :)

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  1. yeah... i know wat u mean... i also enjoy the sessions of singing along with people during jamming sessions amongst the music teams :D its like u can sing together forever!!