Wednesday, October 24, 2007

nebulocity unplugged

a quote from a recent boundless article, advocating the taking of an info-techno sabbath ie take a break from all the information and technology in which we are surrounded:
"Ironically, we consider it peculiar that followers of Islam stop their activities five times a day to offer prayers to Allah yet we stop what we do five times an hour to pay homage to our e-mail. "One of the most basic biblical insights," says theologian J.I. Packer, "is that whatever controls and shapes one's life is in effect the god one worships." For many of us, the one true god to whom we give our devotion is the deity known as IT: information technology."
while i'd like to claim such pious reasons for the lack of entries on this blog, the truth is i haven't so much taken a break from IT as i just haven't the time for anything much blog related - writing my own or reading others. i feel a small sense of disconnectedness even though i've remained "online" the whole time. so i can't even really say that at least i'm achieving some of the effect of sabbath taking. maybe i'll get there one day.

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