Monday, May 26, 2008

how to get a great deal on your contacts

here's a simple recipe:
  1. get/know your contact lens script
  2. search online for the cheapest price you can get
  3. call contact lens direct and get them to match your best price
  4. receive a free welcome pack (solutions) with your first order
  5. claim any benefits you may be entitled to from your private health fund

the actual execution proved a little less straightforward than i anticipated, but that's a story for another post. for a demonstration of how much you could save, consider this:

  • i checked out 15 websites selling contact lenses - some were sites i already knew of, others were found by googling
  • the price of box of acuvue oasys (6-pack) ranged from $31 to $45. i won't even bother considering how much your local shop/optometrist will charge you for them (nothing against any optometrists i personally know :)
  • shipping can be as much as $13, often depending on quantity (number of boxes / other items / total weight), though most places will give you free shipping if your order exceeds a certain $value
  • the total cost of a year's supply of oasys lenses (8 boxes + shipping) can range from about $256 to $360
  • notes from my "research" can be viewed at

NB. contact lens direct don't actually offer a good price on oasys at all - they charge $51 per box ($20 more than the cheapest i found)! but they do offer to match competitors prices. and the only reason i considered using them rather than just going to the competitor is their "welcome pack" offer, which is good for a one off freebie of a solution pack, saving you another good $20-odd. i still stand by my previous recommendation of Net Optical for low prices and consistently excellent service.
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