Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another mass shooting

A poem I wrote after reflecting on some stuff I read on recent events.

It's rough, very first draft (not that I'm intending to work on it any further), born of rather rusty poetry brain space, probably clumsy in parts and all sorts of other negative remarks one could make about its quality (or lack thereof)... which reflects perhaps, the 10 or so minutes of effort in coming up with it.

Another mass shooting in the US of A
The world awakes to a mournful day
Innocent lives lost, most people would say
Young children now lost to frolick and play 
A similar act in China took place
But much less damage that effort inflicted
Reigniting the debate which some would argue
Strict gun control is what is needed 
‘Tis of course folly to treat the symptoms
Without addressing the cause of the problems
Less guns should mean less of such an event
But can it entirely a repeat prevent? 
The root of these problems, the Bible tells us
Begins with Adam and Eve his missus
When they turned from God and followed the devil
Their walk with God was longer level 
Our sinful hearts is what causes us to hurt
Ourselves, each other, loved ones and strangers
The only solution God provided for us
Christ Jesus who saves us from the utmost of dangers 
One day he’ll return and right all our wrongs
In fact it begun when he hung on the cross
So we wait patiently for his coming again
All knees will bow and declare him as boss

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