Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm on a roll with this poetry thing

Been wanting to leave but nowhere to go
Then out of the blue a knock knock, hello
"We want you to come, just for a fixed time"
Internal transfer (still on the same dime)

Firstly for three months, but likely for more
Then permanent role could be on the score
If I want to stay they'll fight to keep me
Train me in more things - good growth I forsee

A great chance to learn and pick up new skills
Develop career, maybe pay new bills
Despite added costs and time in commute
Future looked brighter, my choice resolute

Now I have a where but what do you know
The powers that be have dealt me a blow
Supposedly pro- my desire to grow
When put to the test it's "actually, no".

It's unfortunate, the timing they say
For there's more work due, that's coming our way
None can replace me, so short a timeframe
"No succession plans" - the truth of this claim

Don't get me started on what else was said
Ifs buts and maybes, they make me see red
Like stats which can be used any which way
The true reasons hide behind shades of grey

Sick of the BS, double speak and such
Political moves, ass covering much
Bureaucracy stinks, though hard to avoid
Playing this sick game - not something I've toyed

Maybe I speak from heat of the moment
Making emotions that much more potent
Excuse my desire to vent just a bit
Past disappoinment almost a repeat

Last year I was set - career change to make'
'puter forensics - a new job I'd take
A verbal offer accepted in Feb
Like a changing tide, forever did ebb

Never sent they the offer in writing
My contact person nary a sighting
For almost a year this drama dragged on
'til finally 'twas, as good as withdrawn

It's unfortunate, the timing the say
Budget changes giv'n as reason that day
This came much later, so doesn't allay
Your delay between February and May

If only I'd gotten offer in writing
Different place today I would be sitting
This year the story, though not quite the same
When all's said and done, equal the end game

Now that I can't move it's back to square one
Learn again to say "Lord your will be done"
What little desire I had for my role
Has disappeared down a deep and dark hole

How to keep going, keep fighting the fight
All that's before me is bleakness in sight
In need of guidance on where next to go
For now it seems I'll keep the status quo.

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