Tuesday, September 17, 2002

hmm... looks like i need to retract my comments on my friend's sunglasses - they're not just an expensive pair of fashion lenses, they do actually provide 100% UV protection, but they still aren't a great fit :p

- - - - -

valley finally sent me the pics from her camera, so i have updated my birthday photo album, 26 red, with the extra shots.

also up are some shots from yf's sisters night 2002, which took place on the weekend. didn't manage to capture everything, as some of the shots turned out to be too dark and/or too blurred... guess my hands ain't steady enough :( 'twas a good night for one and all, methinks :)

- - - - -

mooks has been car shopping/browsing, i think the honda jazz would be a goer :p

- - - - -

my head hurts... my throat's feeling funny... might have a slight fever? *sigh* i have a sinking feeling i'm starting to get sick again... will be aiming for an early night tonight...

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