Monday, September 02, 2002

on a totally different stream of consciousness... today i feel for garfield, who hates mondays.

to start, the carpark at work was unusually full this morning - when i entered, there was another car about to take the second last spot. i circled, and saw someone leaving from a better spot, so waited and took that one. as i was walking out, another car entered to take the last remaining spot. so... full carpark at 9:35am. let's just say i've never seen that carpark full... ever... close to full yes, but full, no. and i've been in later than 9:35am. not a good sign.

then, i get to my desk, and immediately have to attend to problems. people can't login to the high performance supercomputer. neither could i. but i find an existing connection, so i spend 2+ hours trying to figure out something of which i have close to zero knowledge, all thanks to being the nominated "stand-in" for a colleague on leave. finally i call his mobile, and he suggests a fix which seems to do the trick. all so easy when you actually know what you're doing! meanwhile, another guy from a different group continues hassling me about stuff carried over from previous weeks. i'm so ready to give this up.

anyway, it's lunch time... chance to breathe a little...

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