Wednesday, September 04, 2002

my car parking world is turned upside down...

it's 9:25am. i pull into my usual carpark to see one car exiting, and another getting into what turns out to be the last available spot. damn. what's going on? i think to myself... it's never been this bad all year. so i hook around to the other main blue zone (blue being staff-only access) carpark which also used to be have plenty of free space up to, and even past 10am. no go - it too is full. so is every other spot i pass. the only spaces i could see were red zone ones (red is only available to staff above a certain pay-scale; i don't earn enough to qualify for a red) and casual parking, ie pay by the hour. looks like i'll have to join the rat race and come in earlier, dirtying my wheels in rush hour traffic. not happy.

skimmed over an article in the local newspaper - something about (local city) council news, and how they're patting themselves on the back for the "success" of the busway which opened last year. funnily enough, they base this conclusion on results from surveys handed out to commuters using the busway. now i'm no expert on statistical analysis, but isn't that what they call a biased sample?!

you might think i'm sounding a bit negative. that's probably because i am.

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