Saturday, December 13, 2003

entropy is...

(in the non-thermodynamics sense of the word)
  • getting a cold in summer... less than two months after my last cold... *shakes head in disgust*
  • closing the sliding door on my wardrobe, knowing that i needed to move my hand out of the way (or else it would get squashed!) and the neural pathways not acting fast enough to effect the required physical movement to get my pinkie clear :(
  • leaving the house having turned off my computer that was in fine working order, and coming back a few hours later to turn it back on and finding that my monitor has turned blue. it's 5 months out of a 3 year warranty, will cost me $55 to get a repair quote, and probably $110 minimum labour charge plus parts for a repair. by which time a brand spanking new true flat model for ~$200 (with an equally new 3 year warranty) is looking the decidedly more attractive option. lucky for me there's a spare monitor at home, but it makes strange noises in power saving mode, can't run the same resolution as my blue monitor, and even then is a bit fuzzy... i'm not sacrificing eye strain over money, so i think i'll get me a samsung 785MB.
  • my shoes (the pair i wear most often, and about the only pair whose purchase i remained happy with after getting a new pair back home and wearing it a few times) falling apart. and squeaking. i hate squeaking shoes. shoe shopping is not my forte.
  • my g-shock watch shedding its shock-absorbent urethane outer layer. so now it looks rather thinner and is not as well protected... it's lasted nearly 7 years and had its first battery change earlier this year. the internals are still good, so even though i've been eyeing off some of the offerings in the "tough solar" range, i should really save my money for more necessary purchases...
  • the administrator at work telling us that, even though the previously arranged 3-week long shutdown over christmas/new year is still going ahead with everybody going on annual leave, we won't be getting paid for it.
  • another MSIE vulnerability that could prove rather nasty. doesn't seem to be any fix/workaround available to joe blow at home... caveat emptor!

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