Friday, December 26, 2003

is it hot in here?

my bedroom: smallest in the house, smallest window of all rooms. upstairs, so gets the warm air. and in the best side of the house to feel the full brunt of the afternoon sun. not the best place to leave a computer running all day...

while i had escaped to the rumpus to hide out for most of the day (only room with air conditioning), my pc was slowly heating up. when i got back, it was in the middle of a scheduled virus scan and popping errors saying the hard drive was overheating!

remove cover, shift portable fan in position to blow, blow, blow. now it's sitting at a cool 42 degrees... that's down 20 from a peak of 62 :|

- - - - -

week 1 of my holidays is nearly over... what have i done? some potted highlights from the last few days:

monday: dinner at friend's place, carolling afterwards, and then standing around at mt cootha singing away with an impromptu a capella performance of the carols we'd learnt and also a few other christian songs. wonder what those around us thought of us! hehe...

tuesday: hung out for most of the day in the city and south bank watching free event after free event. [click for photo log]

wednesday: tagged along with my parents to a christmas eve concert at logos church in mackenzie. first time i've visited their new building - rather grand looking it is... being temporarily excited with the "discovery" of messenger plus - rather useful, i say.

thursday: christmas day service at church, driving around looking for a place that's open for lunch, hanging out at the tans', and extended family dinner back on the southside.

i think i'd rather be working - at least that way you get to spend the hottest parts of the day in air conditioned comfort ;)

oh winter, where art thou?

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