Thursday, December 04, 2003

ye olde holiday season

the powers that be at work have decided to shut down the company for three weeks over christmas and new year... so everyone's required to take 12 days of annual leave. i'm reasonably happy to have the time off, but it means i'll have to go into negative figures for my annual leave balance :( or not get paid! oh well... nett result being that i'll be having holidays from 19 dec - 12 jan exclusive. now all i need to do is figure out how to squeeze some value out of that time :)

- - - - -

one of the good things about working so close to home is that on the odd occasion where i find out that a FOM could use something that i probably have at home, i can...
  • drive off during my lunch break and pick it up from home
  • drop if off at said friend's place for a quick test to make sure it fits the need
  • hang out with friend and another visitor for about 15mins
  • drop them off at the local shops on my way back to work, within an hour of my departure
ahh... local community... i think we don't get enough of it these days.

- - - - -

that was my day on tuesday. then at night i (and a few other yfers) went along to something that fatty had organised for two taiwanese students she's been meeting up with to do CE (christianity explained). we had dinner at montezumas, and then went to nene's house to watch the jesus video in mandarin. it was good to be able to help answer some of their questions, and to hear their interest and of things they remembered from what they'd read and discussed with fatty. they'll be going back to taiwan soon, but both have christian friends there so hopefully their quest for truth will continue.

- - - - -

after a brief exchange stemming from a game of cranium last night, i seriously think that the definition of "ubiquitous" should be amended so it doesn't appear so synonymous with "omnipresent". just leave it at 'widespread', i say.

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