Friday, January 07, 2005

opportunity cost... investment of time

so i missed out on round two of the feast and fireworks fest by the crew with too much money to burn. not because i couldn't go, but because i chose not to. not because i didn't want to, but because there was something else i wanted to do. the quality of company wins out over good food or entertainment any day :) and i guess i do see the time i spent as an investment - making a small deposit which may not be very substantial or special in any other way, but which if the investment pays off will be worth every single cent.

although... it wasn't all that black and white. i did get to see the fireworks away from the others (and actually much closer to the source) - pity it was raining and rather windless, which meant i struggled to take decent pics through the car windscreen (or risk getting the camera too wet), and that the smoke hung around a lot more rather than dissipating. and my family brought back some of the leftovers from dinner, so i get to sample the fare too :p

hey this is almost sounding like a win-win scenario! lol... (pun and hidden meaning entirely intended, not that anybody else reading this would have much of an idea what i'm going on about! oh well... when i look back in 5 years' time maybe i'll smile a wistful smile at this... hehe)

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