Sunday, January 16, 2005

1 down, 4 to go...

well... 4 more that i *know* of at the moment anyway! who knows if any others might pop up during the year! it's bringing to mind the "wedding march" of some 16 months ago - actually looking back at that entry, i was having trouble remembering who one of those couples mentioned is in real life! shocking memory of mine... *sigh*

anyways. saturday was a fairly full on day, running here and there and generally occupied with one thing or another. it was warm, and the decision to ditch my suit jacket was a quick one. the wedding itself was nice, lots of smiles all round. i saw her again, and this time there was recognition and even a brief "hey", but that was about the extent of our interaction. the reception was held at a function centre, with the actual catering done by the groom's family (and friends?) - mostly indian fare which is a change from most wedding dinners i've attended!

3 months till the next in the queue... :)

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