Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas lights tour

went on the christmas lights tour tonight aboard some BCC buses. there was a fair size turnout, and we proceeded to visit some of the houses in the southern suburbs. i was quite disappointed that most of the time we had to stay inside the bus, and even though we would slow down as we passed houses of note, it was not still enough to capture much on the camera. thus a lot of my attempts turned out blurry, and after a while i gave up, choosing instead to shoot short video clips or just take it in with my own eyes. following are a selection of the better shots. the first 3 are taken from inside the bus:

this is the first place where we actually stopped and got off to walk around a little, so could take more stable shots from the ground...

and another pit stop almost an hour later...

one of the window displays at that stop...

more photos are available in my MSN space album.

all in all an interesting but slightly disappointing ride in parts. it was nice to see all the lights, but after having seen some of the grander displays, anything else is like "don't waste my time man"! lol... i've become a christmas lights snob :p so i would have liked to spend a bit more time at the grander displays, and have the opportunity to stop and take decent pics rather than view most of it through the glass window of a (slowly) moving bus. oh well. i think next time will have to round up some people and do a self-drive tour of the houses of note - princejay is already talking about firing up the ol' GPS for such a trip! haha.

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