Tuesday, December 20, 2005

christmas quiz

i entered a christmas themed quiz at work, and won first prize! don't know what the prize is yet... might find out tomorrow. my submission wasn't as creative as the effort from a 'smart' colleague, whose anti-answers i found funny :)
  1. What is 'Santa Claus' called in:
    1. The Netherlands.
      Santa Van Den Claus
    2. Italy.
      Papa Giuseppe Claus
    3. Spain?
      Santo Clauso (Basil Fawlty told me that)

  2. What were the gifts received in the Australian version of the Twelve days of Christmas?
    12 cold stubbies

  3. Why is December 26 known as Boxing Day?
    That's the day we have the boxing matches with family members who annoyed us at Christmas lunch and gave us stupid presents

  4. I want to buy a candle for each member of my family. I want to get them each the same size, and they come in three sizes priced at $2, $3 and $5. I need a candle for Mum, Dad, Gary, Breanna, Jessey and Bob, but I only have $22. Which size candle should I buy?
    Christmas day is hot and there is a total fire ban in force, no candles

  5. When were Christmas lights first used on Christmas trees?
    1. 1930.
    2. 1909.
    3. 1882.
    Clark Griswald first used lights on a Christmas Tree in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

  6. How many spirits appeared to Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas carol'?
    If Ebenezer Scrooge is having visions, I'd say there were lots of sprits involved but most likely whiskey

  7. In 1974, one Australian city had a miserable Christmas experience because of a disaster. What was the city and the disaster?
    Melbourne - was the boxing day test rained out? That's pretty miserable

  8. What is the name of the Australian Christmas carol that has the line "Racing Santa Claus in the blazing sun"?
    Santa Claus racing in the blazing sun

  9. When is Advent Sunday?
    the day after Advent Saturday

  10. Where did Rudolph come from?
    1. He was created by a department store employee as a promotional gimmick.
    2. Henry VIII's court jester introduced him to Christmas folklore.
    3. A very drunk Christmas reveller rolled into a publishing house dressed as a reindeer – the rest is history.
    Where did Rudolph come from? That's a tricky one. Here goes, when a Mummy Reindeer and a Daddy Reindeer love each other very much……

  11. Which day of the week did Christmas fall on last year?
    It doesn't matter which day of the week Christmas fell on, we had a holiday.

  12. You are trying to wrap a present for your nephew Charlie. The present, a small teddy bear, is in a box that is four inches long by eight inches tall by three inches deep. Which piece of wrapping paper should you use - one that is 16 inches by 10 inches, or one that is 22 inches by seven inches?
    Charlie lives interstate, his mum and dad have to wrap his present. I transferred money into their account to buy it and my work is done.

  13. In which country did the Christmas carol 'Silent Night' originate?
    New Zealand. Have you ever tried to get a beer there on a Sunday Night?

  14. What happened to Christmas in 1647?
    1. It was cancelled due to lack of interest.
    2. It was made illegal.
    3. It became a public holiday.
    In 1647 Christmas was moved to the 18th January 1648 to accommodate the Olympic Games in Tonga.

  15. What were the gifts brought by the Three Wise Men?
    The three wise men brought ties, socks and handkerchiefs

  16. Some people like turkey at Christmas time. If you were hosting a dinner and each person eats 300grams of turkey, how long will it take to cook a turkey for ten people if a turkey should be cooked for one and a half hours per kilogram?
    Mum looks after that sort of stuff.

  17. Why is Santa Claus portrayed as wearing red and white?
    1. A Coca Cola ad showed him in these colours to fit their branding.
    2. To represent the white of snow and the red of berries.
    3. So children can see him as he flies through the sky.
    He's jumping on the Sydney Swans bandwagon

  18. From where did 'Good King Wenceslas' hail?
    Good King Wenceslas hailed from the castle - all kings live in castles

  19. What plant is traditionally hung in doorways at Christmas time?
    after a few too many cold ones over lunch, it seems like every plant in the world is in the doorway as you stumble onto the verandah then down the steps, sprawling into the front yard on your way home.

  20. When was 25 December first celebrated as the birth of Christ?
    1. From the day he was born.
    2. From AD 440.
    3. From 1634.
    25 December was first celebrated as the birth of Christ in the 20th century when everybody realised it was perfectly positioned the day before the boxing day test at the MCG.


  1. hee... this offered a good relief for me to stay awake during my course now ;) thanks!

    so wat prize did you get?? ;P

  2. i got chocolate snacks... little box of smarties, a freddo frog, kit kat, and a small bar of cadbury milk chocolate - no danger of breaking the budget on that one! anyways apparently i scored 18/20, but don't know which two answers were wrong.

  3. wow... u so clever... hmm be careful the sugars doesn't give you extra kilos! :P