Wednesday, December 07, 2005

digicams: the modern ice-breaker

maybe it's mostly a matter of the language and possibly also a generational gap, but i didn't really interact much with NK's kids the other night when we had dinner (the whole affair with the over-priced restaurant). then on the weekend we brought them up to brisbane to spend a night with our family. so there was a ~1hour car ride, then yum cha lunch, and still very little interaction between the "kids" (the parents in the group did most of the talking). afterwards we went for a wander around the city, and visited the city hall clocktower where we waited for the sounding of the quarter hour chime. it was here, up in the clock tower, that i took a photo of JH, the youngest, liveliest/most outgoing (and according to her mum, the naughtiest :p) of the 3 children, blocking her ears in readiness to be rocked by the big bells. actually she wanted to leave before it sounded, being afraid of how loud it would be. from that moment on, she started to pester me to delete the photo, and to hide her face whenever she saw me pull out my camera... though i did manage to pull off a few more candid shots throughout the day. and so, through the taking of a photo, i inadvertently bridged some of that gap, and we managed to have a bit more interaction... once you get past the initial reticence, it can be pretty amusing talking with kids :)

anyways, i told her that i would give/show her the photos when she was older -- this is my virtual time capsule for such a day. wonder whether she'll remember me if we ever cross paths again... i'll have my other photos ready for a trip down memory lane if such a day ever comes ;)

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