Friday, April 21, 2006

a million and out

in the 5+ months since embarking on the 10000 steps challenge, i have pretty much worn a pedometer every waking moment of my life. i have on the odd occasion dropped it, or forgotten to wear it for short periods, but for the most part it has lived either on my belt/pants or sat somewhere nearby while i slept or showered etc.

though i rarely managed 10000 steps per day (wasn't really trying that hard), i had been keeping a record of my daily counts on the 10000 steps website, and my last entry pushed my total past the million mark, which means i get to claim my reward - a shirt that says i'm a millionaire!

then tonight, like the "six and out" rule in backyard cricket, i promptly managed to lose my pedometer. i wasn't intending to continue past a million anyway (and was waiting to get my free shirt :p), but neither did i wish to be forced out of the game like this...

update 29/04 - it's been found! but i don't think i'll bother working my way towards a cap or a badge.

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