Saturday, April 15, 2006

see you next month...

said goodbye to my elder sis earlier today, for the 4th time in 8 months. didn't really get to catch up much, not that we do that very often anyway, but i'll be seeing her again in may on my next overseas trip. that's a fair bit of seeing for someone who lives overseas now.

anyways, this was her first visit back 'home' since getting married, and this particular trip also included an entourage of immediate family (the in-laws) for part of the time. it was a good opportunity for the two families (hers being a bit more extended than his, since we have a fair number of relatives living locally) to gather over food, and a buffet dinner was held in a nearby hotel.

i failed to avoid the "when is your turn" question from an auntie who i don't even really know! so i felt a bit of "who are you to be asking me this??" (with an emphasis on the "who the heck are you??" :p okok i *did* say it was an extended family affair right? anyways, i'm pretty sure she's my dad's cousin from his mum's side), but restrained myself and muttered something non-committal and tried to smile/laugh it off.

well thankfully that was the only one... and i spent most of the rest of the night glued to my seat amongst the younger single cousins and second cousins of mine, with whom i shared a table. i think pretty much everyone enjoyed the evening for the chance to meet the visitors and catch up with other family members while enjoying a meal together.

- - - - -

a week later we took them to this restaurant to which dad had recently been introduced by a guy from church - two seasons cuisine (双季林) in west end. it's an asian restaurant but has a very western feel. the food is quite nice and rather filling - i'm not sure if this is their standard serving size, cos dad apparently just asked the owner chef (michael lam) to prepare whatever is good, so we didn't even see a menu that night. i thought we were getting a special meal but on the bill it just said "banquet b". so anyways we had individual entrees followed by rice and 10 dishes to share between the 9 adults and 1 child. lots of leftovers ensued.

every dish was very tasty, and mostly hot :p the duck curry was a little bit too hot for me, but still quite morish. will definitely keep this place in mind for a subsequent visit :)

- - - - -

and i can look forward to lots of tasty treats by the time i next see my sis, hehe. not that life (or the purpose of the trip) is all about food, of course... but i won't be forgoing the opportunity to sample flavours and textures common to the locale mmm yum yum yum, hehe :D

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