Thursday, January 15, 2004

docile mouse

i'm playing housesitter for ~3 weeks. it's been a while since i last house sat for anyone... one of the plusses this time round is having access to an air-condiitoned bedroom - something that would come in quite handy if the hot weather returns! for now, it seems to be quite happy to rain. and rain. and rain...

what with running between my regular home, work, the housesitting place, and juggling everything else that i want to / should be doing when i'm not working, i don't think i'll have much time to twiddle my thumbs. hope to have friends over though - make use of my "own" home while i have the chance :)

- - - - -

is it just me or do other people find it annoying when their nails reach that "needs to be cut" length? i keep playing with mine, and am itching for some time to sit down and cut them. one FOM trims her on a weekly basis!

ooh... home time.

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