Tuesday, January 27, 2004

land of the long weekend

the first half of the (calendar) year always has plenty of long weekends to break up the grind of work... one in january, 2 in april, one in may, and another in june. i guess they're good when you don't really want to be at work, but then again, the longer you're away, perhaps the harder it is to come back :p certainly felt like that this morning. took a bit longer to get out of bed and get moving...

went away for qyc on the weekend, and came away greatly challenged by the teaching... more reflecting to be done, and i want to listen to the talks again (bought copies of the CDs). also bought a copy of nicky chiswell's new cd, the secret of the world. didn't get a chance to listen to it while i was there, and i think if i did i probably wouldn't have spent the money. was also considering it as a gift, but that was before realising the nature/purpose of the album, which wasn't what i thought it would be. still, i like the concept of the album, but somehow just don't find it all that engaging musically... not that i speak from an authoritative stance re: things musical, but the sound of the songs just don't really appeal to me, which is a bit of a disappointment, cos one of the reasons i was interested in the album was due to previous works i've heard from nicky. i've got it playing repeatedly, seeing if/hoping it will grow on me...

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