Saturday, January 17, 2004

unemployed again

technically i'm unemployed this weekend, given that my previous employer is no longer my employer as of 5pm friday, and my new employer does not become my new employer until monday. new contracts to sign. new job title! thought not a very fitting one, given that it doesn't really reflect what i do... and while it sounds like a step up, there's no corresponding change in salary :p

last night some friends came over and watched maid in manhattan - probably wouldn't have been my first choice of rentals but it wasn't too bad. afterwards yung told me about stuff she'd been learning at forte training (training to be a music teacher), and we practised this basic orff body percussion rhythm, which wasn't as easy as it sounded but was quite fun to muck around with. i think if i ever have children, i'd like for them to learn music from a young age and give them an opportunity to develop a love for it... go the vicarious living ;)

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