Monday, January 19, 2004

suburban soundscapes

i got back to the housesitting place. it was late at night on a cool summer evening - slight breeze, but generally otherwise fairly still. i went to collect the rubbish bin from the kerbside, and was about to wheel it back to its resting place when i hear... from diagonally across the road... emanating from a dark and unlit house... the distinct sounds of a woman reaching the heights of erotic pleasure!

it occurred to me that this is probably the first time i've heard such sounds "live". tv and movies etc, sure. but never in real life, i think. i stood, bemused at the "opening of my ears", then started wheeling away. now in the house and a few minutes later, i realised that i had left my phone in the car, so went out the front door to retrieve it. as i was coming back into the house, she sounded to have "returned"...

- - - - -

so i didn't end up doing any goods out stuff at work... tried packing an item that i was supposed to send out, but then realised i had no idea how to operate any of the courier related stuff... so in the end i decided to stop stressing about it and tell my boss that i can't do it. too bad, so sad, really not my fault or my problem. or my job for that matter, though it may well be part of it soon...

i think i should be investing in some options.

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