Saturday, February 21, 2004


it's been a while since i've felt the perspiration literally running down my body... all just from being in this heat (ie not from physical exertion, being out in the sun, sitting in a sauna, etc). it got pretty close to 41 degrees today. just the sort of weather to spend hunched over a computer case, swapping out motherboards :) nice little bonus from work that i saved from the bin a few weeks ago. it's got a faster cpu than my previous motherboard in my old pc, which died mid jan. so now i can resurrect my spare system and think about putting it to good use.

oh to have air conditioninng! ah i shouldn't complain... i do get to spend most of the weekdays in relative comfort.

- - - - -

fished a small packet out of my bag just now, and discovered an unopened christmas gift! no idea who it was from / how i came to be in possession of it... i must be getting forgetful in my old age!

well, time for a nice cold shower... if only i could stop sweating as soon as the water stops running!

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