Tuesday, February 17, 2004

we speak in hushed tones and whispers

major moves happening at work - everyone is now located on the one level. hasn't affected my area much, except giving up space for storage of excess furniture from upstairs (only temporary, so they say).

the internal IT support folk have moved to a room on the other side of the wall, and there's a little annexe which joins our two areas. the doors (controlled from their side) to this annexe are currently open, and reveals a shelf full of computers that are apparently going to be discarded. in the time i've been here, there have been two prior sales/give-aways, whereby the items are placed in a heap, and staff are invited to take (or buy) their pick before the remainder gets scrapped. i've missed out in the past, not knowing where to go / get there in time.

this time will be different.

this time, the inside word on the heap is that it's about 5m from where i sit! on my side of the door to the annexe...

some lowered voice discussions have been had with my supervisor and another colleague, trying to identify the prized bargain units. so far, there are three standouts. if these appear on the heap, i'm swooping!

*rubbing hands in glee and anticipation*


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