Sunday, February 22, 2004


watoto means "the children", and that's who i went to see tonight - the watoto children's choir, ambassadors of the watoto childcare ministries based in kampala, uganda. "Watoto Childcare Ministry provides for the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs of parentless children throughout Uganda, East Africa." looks to be a thoroughly excellent ministry.

the choir is currently winding up its tour in brisbane, and performed at the garden city christian church, where i went to see them. the kids are quite adorable, and their singing and dancing dynamic. couldn't take many pictures (too far away for a decent shot) so made do with video clips. really wish my camera could shoot longer than 30 seconds at a time... oh well.

- - - - -

thanks to the crimson room, i found myself mentioned/referenced/paid out at the ferris wheel project, which was a bit of a ha ha moment!

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