Monday, February 16, 2004

time for a cool change

according to the weather forecast, we should be getting a storm later today, ahead of some cooler days. welcome relief from the rather warm and humid conditions currently doing the rounds!

spent the weekend away in caloundra... no air conditioning... 12 people, one pedestal fan... lots of mossies (apparently... though i only ever saw one and came away without a single bite). came back home... still hot... and find that the fan in my room has gone walkabouts during my absence! turns out that my sister had taken it... fair enough i suppose, i *did* take it from her room while she was overseas earlier this summer! :p

so i grab the (less) portable evaporative cooler from downstairs and try to find room for it in my (not) room, and try to make up for some lost sleep.

quite apart from the weather, i've concluded (less begrudgingly now, than earlier) that other issues require cooling change. will just have to trust that it is/will be for the best.

nibbling::musk stick, courtesy of a colleague. haven't had one of these since... primary school?!

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