Wednesday, February 22, 2006

bushfire in my neighbourhood!

i was sitting in my room last night, up late again... and my brother calls me to "come see this!" i look out his window and see flames from behind the silhouette of the house(s) across the street. thinking it might be a house on fire, i rang 000 and got told that it's a bushfire that had already been reported. maybe i should have checked it out further before calling on reflex... anyways, a few seconds after putting down the phone i could hear sirens in the distance. being a bit KP, i trotted out with my camera to see if i could capture some of the scene. being a bit shy and lazy, i couldn't be bothered walking around the block to get up close and personal to the action. so, peering through a gap between two houses, i snapped the fire brigade dousing the flames, and that was about enough to satisfy this cat's curiosity and excitement quota for the night :p

anyways i don't think anything much got damaged, but there was a very smoky flavour to the air today, and my eyes didn't seem to like it much either. probably made worse by the lack of sleep. oh i feel so incorrigible!

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