Sunday, February 19, 2006

the perfect number

orangeclouds has tagged me with this lot of 7 by 7 things to answer...

Seven dreams before death:
  1. find a good thing
  2. raise godly offpring
  3. "save one more for Jesus" - though there's only one thing that saves, and it has nothing to do with me... nevertheless "save", and mature, and pass on the baton etc :)
  4. be able to make music (play something random/original on a musical instrument that actually sounds half decent!)
  5. harmonise on the fly
  6. experience autumnal and wintry canadian landscapes (think maple leaves and snow galore)
  7. fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith

Seven things I can't do in this lifetime:
  1. go out in the sun without my sunglasses... which sadly got broken this afternoon :(
  2. make my arms look straight when fully extended
  3. have natural 20/20 vision
  4. be perfect
  5. see my Saviour face to face
  6. attain job satisfaction
  7. consistently get sufficient sleep...

Seven things that attract me:
  1. technology/gadgetry
  2. good looking/tasting/smelling food
  3. interesting conversations
  4. theological discussions (deeper than typical everyday talk, but not so deep that i get lost :p)
  5. music
  6. a warm smile
  7. an inviting bed and pillow

Seven things I say:

(there really isn't much that's distinctive here... at least not things i'm consciously aware of...)
  1. what the ... ?!
  2. balik (kampung)
  3. wa mm zai / ngor mm jee - means "i don't know" in hokkien/cantonese
  4. so desu (ne) ... - means "(oh) i see" in japanese
  5. err/erm/umm/hmm...
  6. (something involving the word) nebulous
  7. (nothing) - i can be a very quiet person...

Seven books that I love:
(not so much love - except perhaps the first one - but books which have made/still make an impression on me, and whose titles i can currently think of...)
  1. the Bible, by God and his team of inspired writers
  2. The Teenage Textbook, by Adrian Tan
  3. The Teenage Workbook, by Adrian Tan
  4. I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris
  5. Boy Meets Girl, by Joshua Harris
  6. The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan
  7. Wild Swans: 3 Daughters of China, by Jung Chang

Seven movies I've loved:

(in no particular order... i'm sure there are others, but my memory fails me)
  1. Young Guns 1&2
  2. Fong Sai Yuk 1&2
  3. Turn Left, Turn Right
  4. Dead Poets Society
  5. Love Letter
  6. My Sassy Girl
  7. Lonesome Dove (ok so this one is really a mini-series, but it's good!)

Seven tags:

(ok this is gonna be hard cos i don't think i know that many people who read my blog, AND keep blogs of their own... so i'm sorry if you happen to see your name and wonder why, cos i'm struggling to get 7 names together!)
  1. benji
  2. island
  3. j.s. (??)
  4. pearlywhirls (??)
  5. shte2
  6. sweet yung (??)
  7. (ok see i told you i would struggle... :| and i told you i couldn't be perfect :p)


  1. No need to ?? me, I'm here.

  2. heh... well i wasn't sure if u were here regularly :p

  3. Haha that "find a good thing" is clever. And yes, of course, fighting the good fight, finishing the race, whew... can just feel the weight of the world on my shoulders as I type that.

  4. you think so? thought i'd better put in the hyperlink otherwise it might be too obscure a reference :p

    the racing and fighting bit shouldn't be a world-heavy burden though, right? not always easy to persevere, but we have one who bore the sins of the world on his shoulders to depend on, the same one in whose footsteps we follow. his grace is sufficient for you :)