Thursday, February 16, 2006

channel surfing

the activity of channel surfing is often associated with the complaint that "there's nothing (good) on". not that i lay any claims as to the quality/value of my posts, but i guess this blog is due for a bit of an update.

well my voice did recover in time for me to be able to sing at the church's chinese new year reunion dinner last weekend. i don't know that i would say i enjoyed the evening - i guess it just felt kinda neutral. it was probably more meaningful for the older folk who were able to catch up with old faces and past acquaintances etc. i was glad in a way to have been asked somewhat last minute to help video parts of the evening - it gave me something to do in between visits to my table, engaging in relatively minimal conversation, and trying to eat some food before it all got gobbled up by the other 7 guys (and 2 girls) there :p

anyways, here's a couple of video clips of some of the performances on the night. the first is a singing family (the wife used to go to my church, but i think that was before i started going there) presenting 'jesus is the answer'.

i'm no vocal talent scout, but i thought the two tween girls had good voices. the older girl also did a solo with 'i still call australia home' accompanied by her father on guitar.

the second video if of 'Generation D' - some uni students doing a choreographed dance thing... don't know enough about dancing styles to use an appropriately descriptive label... hmm... well anyways the youngsters in the audience enjoyed it :)


  1. I think you sang well, and I have to agree that family is really good. BTW, the so call "generation D" dance is a mixture of different moves from cartoon and animation, like ultraman and dragon ball Z.

    p.s. why do I have to register just to leave a few comment...

  2. it's me, really...Fri Feb 24, 07:17:00 pm

    well that just shows how (sub-)culturally ignorant i am! hehe... although i *did* watch ultraman back when i was young, not that i recognise any of the moves :p

    and btw u don't actually need to register to leave comments - you can do so anonymously, or using some other name (like what i'm doing now). u just need to pass the word verification test to make sure you're a real human (and not some bot leaving comments spam).