Saturday, March 19, 2005

abort, abort!

not that i know anything about flying combat jet planes... (except the vicarious sorties via the likes of top gun etc :p)

in a dogfight, having gained lock on your bogey, taking too long to fire your weapon gives the enemy a good chance to shake you.

maybe that was where i went wrong. then again, maybe it's not about doing things right or wrong - the "me" isn't really sovereign.

and why am i even talking about it like it's good vs. bad? anyways, there is no more sniping mission. no bank. no desert.

oh wait, the desert is real(ity) - it's still there. i mean, i'm still there. there are just no more mirages.

i don't think i fully feel it yet, but i'm sure it'll catch up to me. maybe when i wake up in the morning.

for now, i'll just try to get a nice, long sleep. no alarms. rest. chill. and try not to think too much :S

Lord, help me to trust in You.

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