Saturday, March 26, 2005

haiku hiking part 1.5

part two is finished (insofar as i don't think i'll go back and do any more edits etc), but don't know if i'm ready to "publish" it yet. meanwhile other compositions are still coming in. here's a product of some mulling today:
angst -- frequent and deep
is what you're causing in me
when will this pain end?
or how about these... composed while trying to blog about the first effort above[1]:
"beautiful", you said
your next BGR will be
i thought: could be me.

alas, i was wrong -
i'm not in your plans, i see...
i guess i'm not he.
i'm not so sure whether this therapy theory is holding much water, eh? maybe i need to give it more time to work...

[1] makes me wonder... am i just suddenly getting really good/proficient at haiku? or have i actually become an expert in copying diamonds by spitting out cubic-zirconias?

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