Monday, March 21, 2005

haiku hike (part 1 of maybe 2)

i thought i'd try to climb back into the black with my burgeoning sleep debt (or at least halt the hastening slide into a deeper negative!) by going to bed before midnight last night. failed by a few minutes, so thought that was a reasonably good effort compared to what's typical. all that good work went to waste when i found myself awake before 6:30am the next morning, hearing the sounds of the neighbours (note to self: sleep with the window closed in future) over breakfast, and experiencing half a blocked/stuffy nose and a slightly sore throat...

after lying in bed for a while trying to get back to sleep, i made it through to a few snoozes of my alarm before getting out of bed. by this time, i was sufficiently lucid and unexpectedly inspired to proffer some verse. not that i've ever written any haiku (except when required to in high school english??), but all my creative juices seemed to flow in that direction today... and bilingually too! actually i'm not sure if i'm hijacking the format a bit... the only thing i'm conforming to is the syllabic structure, can't remember if there's something like an "essence" factor i'm missing... but oh well. this is part one (in chinese), a single haiku. part two may be posted if i finish it, as it's still wip atm - it's a multi-stanza collection of haikus (what's the plural of 'haiku'??).

some people find writing prose/poetry a good outlet. i hope it has the desired therapeutic effect...
stay tuned. maybe...

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