Tuesday, March 15, 2005

hitching a ride on the gadget express

ever wanted a hi-md minidisc walkman with mp3 support AND a built-in camera? well look no further...! all this convergence stuff is getting a little out of hand i think :o

- - - - -

a shift of my usual tuesday plans resulted in a free night and a chance to take advantage of BCC's current $5 tuesday specials by going to watch hitch with two people who i don't think i've actually ever been to the movies with before. (hmm... that grammar sounds awkward. meh...) wasn't overly sold on hitch beforehand, but found it to be pretty ok in the romance stakes and probably funnier than i expected. bring back the cheap(er) movie prices i say!

actually i don't think my recent diet of rom coms is the best thing to be feeding my mind at the present, but they've all been pretty good! :p it's enough to inspire one to "go skydiving" :)

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