Monday, August 19, 2002

heh... proof that someone does read my blog - some user contributed posts / feedback :)
you want suggestions on hair styles, well, a singaporean friend of mine has a standard sort of asian haircut (maybe a shorter version of yours, mainly in the fringe area) and he gets kind of rusty red highlights which actually look really good on black hair. Otherwise, there's an asian salon on Adelaide st near the UQ bus that does funky stuff. You could, if you dare, give them carte blanche and see what happens......

but wait, there's more! no, not steak knives, just a simple quote:
"I'm not king. Christ is king; I'm just a singer." -- Elvis Presley

this post brought to you courtesy of dan the man, my #1 fan ;) :p

ps. feel free to send me feedback if you are so inclined. if you know me, you should know how to reach me. if you don't know me, then look a little harder and you'll see at least one way to reach me.

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