Wednesday, August 07, 2002

roll credits... (in roughly chronological order, and backdated as of yesterday)
  • stir fry - mentioned something in a msn conversation last week
  • bin - talked about getting me a present during a phone conversation on the weekend... told her i was too old for presents :p
  • mooks - phone call last night
  • caren - email from last night (i gave her "hiroshima" as a clue to the date)
  • dad - this morning
  • algae - sms, wishing me a day of no work at work :) don't think it'll come true though!
  • ac - sms
  • mrflomo - sms, psalms 37:4 and ephesians 3:14-21
  • dee - email
  • dan - email (probably the only person i know who reads my blog at the moment!)
  • various yfers: fifi (who was trying to make me think she'd forgotten this morning!), fatte (thanks also for the card), tekken, gg, stir fry (i'm listening to the harry connick jr stuff as i type), slam man, miss ab-do, algae, valley (and pastaofmuppets, who missed it by that much)... these peoples came into my office bearing gifts (cakes and a mandarin "balloon" - photos to come later, hopefully) and sang happy birthday to a wide-eyed, stunned mullet ;) then we all headed downstairs to es, where gg took off and shteppi joined us, and leonie and joey added their wishes.
  • sheepie - 2 sms's, featuring song and dance. okay, maybe no dance... but there was a song and 3 cheers :p
  • wobz - while calling to cancel on windtalkers tonight...
  • yunga - msn
  • ac (who increased my dvd collection to a grand total of two) and dckt - meeting up for windtalkers
  • sj - phone call just before movie started
  • kayakok and girl - over at ac's post movie
did i miss anyone? thanks muchly to one and all :)

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