Thursday, August 08, 2002

ooh, just discovered another email, this one from tcc. didn't see it earlier as it was sent to my other address. too many pop-ups and ads, plus it's web-based - not my mail client of choice.

a local radio station has a "pick the flick" competition in the mornings, where listeners are asked to identify the movie from a soundbite they play. pick the flick and you win two tickets to a sponsoring cinema. get it wrong and the prize pool jackpots for the next day. this morning it was up to 30 tickets. was talking about it post windtalkers the other night, and my pick ended up being correct. pity i didn't try calling in, as the flick finally got picked today.

speaking of free movie tickets, i got one from my sister last night. expires next tuesday, so i'm trying to figure out what's good to watch. there's nothing really compelling, and signs doesn't open till after tuesday... dilemmas dilemmas dilemmas...

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